onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Okay, I'm calmer now. Not to mention, a tad bit more energetic. Food helps that. I'm still tired and a bit on the cranky side, but not nearly as bad as this morning. I think I can handle this monkey wrench the army has thrown into the smooth (well, somewhat smooth) workings of my life now. Coincedentally, I was thinking of how I could improve my financial state, pay off my debts, etc. I guess now I have that much more motivation to do so. I think I'm moving, regardless of how this turns out (unless of course, he comes home). Its time I spread my wings a bit.
On that note, I still have some planning and organizing to do, and I'm hoping I can do it this time and stick with it. I've never been good with money. Its time I learned though, I'm almost 30, after all. Bleh. See? My mind is a touch clearer than earlier..though its still a bit hazey. That's from a lack of sleep, I think. I haven't slept well this week at all..and last night, well, if I hadn't forced myself to bed at 4 am, I'm not sure I would have slept at all. I was reading though, which often times has the effect of me passing out...if that happened, I'm not sure I would've woken up with the alarm. Better to make myself stop and force myself to bed, and eventually to sleep. I think it was around 4 am when I finally started to drift off to bizarre dreams of royalty. Don't ask, I don't really know..but, it wasn't a human court. Elven would be more accurate...but that's what I get for reading a fantasy book before bed.
Tonight I get to go out with Bryan, and I'm not entirely sure I'll sleep tonight. I have an early morning run to the airport with him. Normally this wouldn't bother me, except that I'm already tired. Maybe I'll just take a nap or something. I know that he wants to go out to dinner, which is fine. It'll keep me away from the house later. Jenni and Rob will be there with company, and while I like the people they are having over, I'm not entirely sure I want to deal with that many people. Six in that small apartment is a lot, and my social moods have been sort of on the swing of late, but especially since last night. On the bright side..its Friday, and I have 2 hours left of work.

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