onyx (onyxangel) wrote,


I have my taxes filed. Just under the wire..haha. Nothing like waiting until the last minute..at least I got it done before 11:59 pm. From the look of it, I should be getting back $265. I think I'm going to get a bed with that, but I'm not sure. May get the bed sooner, we'll see. I'm relieved that I have them done, one less stress.

I know that I've been lax in counting calories and starting this 'diet' thing..but, here's what I've had so far.

approx 8 ounces of Cinnimon spice mocha - double shot (no idea on calories)
1/2 a criossant (again, no idea)
approx 3/4 of a cup of regular coffe, with hot cocoa and 2 land o lakes creamers (have no idea, but prolly high)

1 cheese pizza - 380 calories
1 2 oz pkg of trail mix - 280 calories (YIKES)
1 can Cherry Coke - 150

That's it. Dinner is yet to come - I'm thinking chicken and something..something low cal. *sigh*
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