onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

45 fucking minutes later I get to go. I despise people. So, here I am, handling an argumentitive customer when I'm light headed, shaking and bordering nasious. This, of course, makes me snappy, and less likely to be sympathetic...I don't fucking care, get the hell off my phone. Thankfully, after a firm (okay, probably nasty) tone, and repeating the same yes or no question 4 times, the customer got the hint. I closed the call, and on the verge of shaking myself to death and/or passing out, went to get food. Blessed food....
I'm still shaking, which is an alarm in itself. Usually after I eat a few bites of food, I stop shaking. The thing is, now I can't tell if I'm shaking from lack of food, or from anger. Food I think, as I'm not terribly angry anymore. Annoyed yes, outright angry, no. *sigh* Welcome to hell.

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