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Tim called this morning. Friday is a no go. Well, I'm not giving up Thursday. So, we settle on next week sometime. Which probably works out better anyway. I can head up to Arlington during the day - be sure that the store is open to buy the power source and get home at a decent hour. In theory. But, we're all learning how my days run, aren't we? (smirk) No biggie though - nothing else has gone right with this move, so why should that?
On the brighter side...one more day until Tyr gets home. Yes! I can hardly contain myself. A month is way too long. Now we're discussing New Years. Bryan and I have had plans to go to Victoria for a long time. In fact, since before I met Tyr. But, I want to spend New Years with him too. I haven't asked Bryan yet, but we're (Tyr and I) thinking of seeing if its okay. I'm not sure if Bryan had kinda wanted just the two of us or what. I also don't want Bryan to feel like a 3rd wheel.
Well now, proxy died again. (sigh) I hate this shit.

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