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My night

I had planned on laundry tonight, but, alas, it still waits all over my bedroom floor. I did, however, stop to return the dvds to the store (finally) and pick up some much needed laundry detergent. Oh, and quarters, another necessary evil in the battle of laundry.
My delay was that I ended up going out to dinner with krow. We traversed in his vehicle down to Mama's. Be proud, I followed directions to his place well. And yes, Rosalyn really *did* chew the seatbelts. Had a very delightful time.
Came home to find cable is, indeed, back on. Yay! Background noise once again. Cleaned the apartment a bit. Jenni did most this time...but I did get the computer desk cleaned off. Yes, there is a desk under all the crap!!
I downloaded that new client from etherpunk and I like it. You can change fonts, preview and other various things I'm sure I haven't quite discovered yet. I'm a little disappointed that it doesn't change the font on the actual entry, but while I type, I can delude myself :)
It occurs to me that I must fill you all in on last night.

I worked at the Spot again. It was fun. Had to stop by mom's before hand though, to feed the birds and check on grandma. Gave her the new phone number. Even had a chance to take a quick shower. I was almost late for my shift though because I let the damn birds out....and there's still one that's loose, stupid fucker. Not fond of birds.
Got to the club, and had someone 'shadowing' me to learn the cashier spot. She's very nice, and I had enjoyable time. She let me go enjoy myself for the most part. Ended up meeting a few new people, and saying hi to a couple fairly new aquitances. I was even asked to dance! Go me. Very nice gentleman...and one that I've seen dance there before and enjoy watching. He even gave me a hug when we were done. *sigh and grin*
Also met a very nice Irish gentleman. Lots of beautiful skin art to peer at while listening to him talk. And yes, he *does* have an accent ~swoon~. I hope to see more of him, if only to listen to his accent! ;)
That about sums up my Thursday!

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