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Okay...so, last night...

Was wonderful! That Faery dust I bought must have worked! ;)
First, it was off to the tarot class. I had gotten up about 10 am with the intention of doing laundry, which *still* hasn't been done. I made the mistake of sitting in the recliner to watch cartoons. The tarot class was fun and interesting as usual. I really need to start working with the cards more often, but I think I'm finally getting it. I bought some more supplies, probably spent way more money than I should have. I bought some banishing and cleansing stuff, as well as some new charcoal and a grated burner. I also broke down and bought the wax seal with the faerie on it. Good thing I did too, she said they won't have any more of those for months.
After class, it was off to Everett for a Cam game. I got all checked in and then realized I had the wrong character sheet. Ugh!! (btw, Tyr, hon, you've played in Everett ;) ). I had a lot of fun though, and it turned out that I didn't need to worry about it. This group was a lot friendlier than the last I'd been to. Not that SKC wasn't friendly, but it just seemed every one knew everyone and I was kind of an outsider. With this group I actually got to play some...granted, I did mostly listening, but it was still a great time. I wish I could have gone to afters, but I had to be at the club. I'd love to go back to Everett and play again. Jenni says I should come to Tacoma with her sometime, and I think I might. May be worth becoming a member ;)
The club was fun. Sat and talked all night for the most part. It was kinda 'quiet'..in that there were not a lot of people there, less than 100 I think. I met some new people, which is always great :) And I got asked out! Yep, lil me. Took me totally off guard. I'll have to talk to Tyr about this one....I think he'd be somewhat amused. (May I just mention the hello kitty paddle?) Anyway, I have his email, I haven't answered him yet. I think I wouldn't mind hanging out with him, he seems like an interesting person...and for some reason, he's always stuck out in my mind for something like 2 years. I saw him on a panel once when I first started attending the club......I still can't get over it. Life is funny that way :) It was an ego boost to say the least...and a very nice feeling.

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