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Girls night in...

Jenni and I have decided to have a girls' night in. No club tonight, which is fine by me, I didn't have my mind on going anyway. It'll be kinda cool to just head home and relax. We've decided to order a pizza and watch a movie or two. Drink hot cocoa and do the girl gossipy thing. (Grin) I have fuzzy color posters! Look out world...I come bearing cheap markers! Anyway, Tyr won't be on tonight due to being in transport or some other thing they're doing to him...so, I should be home "on time". I'm stopping by the store for a few necessities. Gotta make myself all beautified for his return ya know. I figger shower and/or book while Jenni is discussing things with Russell. I'm glad he's calling..I'm sure it'll ease things a bit one way or another. I'm also looking forward to having a 'girls night'. After Liz, I didn't think I could handle another female roommate...and after Ty I thought I couldn't handle another roommate at all. I think this is going to be okay. Remind me to share a few distinctive memories of Ty...be warned, none of them are favorable. Anyway, that's a piece of my past....and this is about me now. Which I suppose, in some respect would include the past because that's what helps make me who I am today. But that's another day :) Tonight....its girls night. A good movie, a good pizza (Stuffed crust...Jenni I love you!! LOL), and a good book. Mmmm....nice :)

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