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Okay..new attitude today. I'm looking at this as a time of self improvement and exploration.

1. Progress on my 'path' - i.e. working with the cards and rituals, general learning
2. Complete discs of shadows (okay, this is probably a life long project from all the emails - but still)
3. Loose weight - and learn how to keep it off
4. Make myself become more active - excersize, get involved in more, etc
5. Get myself financially set - learn how to keep my finances balanced, start to pay off old debts, etc

On this note, I think at lunch I'll go to the grocery store to buy lunch. I'll buy some lunch meat or something...something that will last a few lunches and is at least healthier than fast food. And some veggies...maybe some carrots, or grapes. Yes, I know grapes are a fruit, but I need those too. Oh..someone had that book of calories? Can't remember who it was..but could you please pass on the title & author? Thanks!

I looked at a website I found on someone's journal for the calorie thing. If I remember correctly, I should be taking in somewhere between 1200-1900 calories. Of course, I've weighed myself since then and I think I weigh more than I put in there, but I'll find that link again and check.

Starting weight: 220 lbs (ugh!!!)

coffee w/ hot cocoa - 120 from the hot cocoa. Anyone know how much regular drip coffee has??


Apr. 23rd, 2002 12:11 pm (UTC)
Re: Drip Coffee
Oh well...there are some things I won't give up in the pursuit of loosing weight...early morning cuddles being one of them. Besides, I never was much of a jogger ;)
Now...if I could just find someone to cuddle with....

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