onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Ohhh...and the girl's night in...

Went very well, thank you :) Not really much gossip..but much movie watching and pizza eating. We watched "Dance with Me"..very good chick flick. Stuffed crust pizza...I love that. I don't get that often..as I'm the only one (until now) who eats it. YUM. We colored fuzzy posters! Yay!
I stopped at Rite Aid on my way home....bad idea. I should just know better. I got some of those gel pens....you know, the really cool ones that no female can resist. I got "sherbet swirl" ones. I haven't tried them yet...but Jenni has some gel pen paper I'm eyeing. Okay - so I'm addicted to the damn things. Leave off. (hrphs). But..it was good. Crack kitty had the bean bag chair to herslef...and kept trying to help color. She liked the velvet on the fuzzy posters..not that I blame her. All in all...a good night :)

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