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He's home

And I'm in his living room. He did everything he promised he would (G). I'll get into more detail further down, so those who don't wanna know, have fair warning. Its just nice being around him again, to touch him, listen to his voice. I missed him very much. He even made an entry (G). I promise, no comments (yet).
He gave me my Christmas present (beams). When I walked in the door, he stripped me, then brought me to the couch. He pushed me down and told me to close my eyes. He placed the strands about my ankles. He then had me kneel in front of the couch, knees apart, hands resting on my thighs, face up. For any who are familiar with Gor, it was indeed "Nadu". I now have kajira bells (G).
From there...it went. I didn't get a chance to look at them until we'd taken a shower. The strands have silver bells, with onyx chips between. I love my bells (G).
Now...for the what happened stuff in between. Again, standard disclaimer. If you don't want TMI, stop reading. However, if you feel that you need to know these things, by all means...

So, moving from the point of realizing what I'd been given. He put me back on the couch, in a...well, 'compromising' position. (Grin). Did I mention that I enjoy oral sex? (wink) Well, he made me orgasm by means of his tongue. I'm sure that couch cushion still has claw marks. After that, he did lead me to his chair, not by the hair as he'd mentioned. This is okay though. I knelt before him, and discovered a few things that made him shiver (GRIN). He stood, and he's done something that I've thought about, but have never really done. Or rather, had done. He fucked my mouth. I wasn't just sucking on him, he was fucking my mouth. I found that I enjoyed it as much as I did in my mind (Grin). After which we took a shower. See, not graphic, just maybe more than you wanted to know. Now he's watching a movie, and I'm here on his puter. He's managed to get me to finish his laundry. (bastard) And I've related the day's stories to him. I can't wait to curl up in bed with him. (smile big).
Oh! And that shaving tip (the baby oil and noxema..if you don't know, read the diaryland journal)...worked great! Nice and smooth legs....(grin)

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