onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

My date....

Well, I went on my date last night. I had a very enjoyable time. He bought me a lovely dinner at Galaria's. We talked about quite a bit during dinner. They sat us at a window seat, which was nice for the lapses in conversation. Yes, it was a comfortable silence, at least for me. It was a beautiful day out, and it was nice to be able to people watch. I notice that we have quite a few lapses into silence, again, it doesn't really bother me because it seems to be a comfortable silence...but, I don't always really know what to say to him.
After dinner we went for a walk and looked at some older houses in the neighborhood. That was very nice :) We looked at some houses that he liked...they were very nice homes, and somehow fitting for him ;). I spent a couple hours with him, and it didn't seem that long. I invited him home to watch Along Came a Spider with me, but he declined. Which turned out to be okay since Jenni had company that I wasn't aware of at the time. We seem to have quite a bit in common - such as our sense of time. Ahem. I suppose I should mention here, that despite my good intentions of leaving early to be sure that I was on time...I was late. Fortunately, he didn't seem too concerned about it.

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