onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Okay..I know I've talked about it before, but now, I'm determined. Weight loss. I went and got some metabolift from Twin Labs. Yes, I know, its not metabolife. But, I was looking at the ingredients, and really, Twin Labs has less sugar and 'filler' type stuff. I got chinese food for lunch. Yes, I know not healthy, healthy..but definately better than McD's or somethin. Plus, I didn't eat the whole thing. I took the metabolift and my vitamins, so my poor body should be rerring to go here soon. Bwah!
I was looking at Weight Watchers and they have their points program online. Its somewhat expensive to start, but may be worth it. I know I'll never get into a meeting if I'm having to do it alone...groups of people on my own are very uncomfortable. But, online..I can do. It seems pretty complete, and hopefully it'll teach me about eating better on my own. I need to become more active too...try the treadmill at work, at least once a week, increasing if I can. Or..just generally more active.
A couple years ago, I was at 125 or so..now, I'm over 200 lbs. This has *got* to stop. I want to look at myself and smile. Oh, I'm not spiraling into a depression or anything...overall, I'm happy with my life and myself. I just need my body to follow suit now, and I have to make that happen. So, I will.
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