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Okay, I know I'm skipping Saturday, but I think I'll update on that later. Bryan taught us a ritual and we blessed some tools. Right now, its late and I can't get my details together to post it :)
Spex gave me a copy of a program he wrote for a BOS. So far, I like it...its much easier than what I'd been doing before. I'm testing it for him..and giving him ideas on how to improve it. I'm thinking, a way to catagorize it. Like by Holiday, Spells, Meditations, etc. He said that he'd be getting the search engine in it working soon, which is cool, that'll save a lot of trouble! A little tweaking and it'll be a spectactular program! He also let me play with his Tarot one. Its nice, but definitions of cards are sometimes so personal and varied. I'll forward him some of the notes from the class I took. Its been most informational.
Today was pretty relaxing actually. I had many plans to start getting the house clean, but have since forgone those. Slept most of the day..energy drain I think. Took Zac home late, and stayed late talking to the other bonzo boy ;) Didn't get home until about 11:30 pm - too late to clean. I'll do at least some of it tomorrow. Jenni said that we got a notice that they're coming out this upcoming weekend to inspect for repairs. Hopefully this means something will get fixed. Yes, I know...I haven't been particularly diligent on calling either...
I suppose I should get to bed soon, but now that it's 2 am, I'm really not tired. *sigh*

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