onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Points program

I gotta say, so far I like :) I just started really looking at it today, but it looks really good. I've had my mocha this morning, and I had oatmeal. Only 14 points in that..not bad. I even get to eat a vending machine pizza and stay within my points. Dinner will be a bit more difficult, but not really. Lots of menu choices for chicken at 7 points. My high goal is no more than 31 points. If I can stick with this, I'll be good to go! I can eat out, and save points each week to 'build up' for eating out. Yay! I can look at meals, and plan at least dinners, which will be nice. Housework gives you activity points (which is nice, since I seem to do quite a bit of it..in spurts). I'm feeling really rather confident in this program. I can eat what I want..which is nice, no feeling of being lost when I look at something and don't know how many calories it has or something like that.
I've been good with my mochas too, I've gotten everyone of them as non-fat this weekend. Yay me! These are little steps, but little steps are better than no steps. I'll weigh myself this evening, though I have my starting weight programmed already...still, it'll get me into the habit. I'm actually excited about this...how's that for a change? *beams* Look out world! Here comes a leaner, trimmer me!
Whew! Today has been an excellent day so far!
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