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Called to get the brat cat in to get fixed. First, shots, then going from there. The vet isn't sure he's old enough - but said that if I bring him in, he'll see how old he is and go from there. Thinking, may wanna bring the roomie's cat in too. Shots are $9, so that's not bad. Nueter for my baby is $25 on average - for hers $42.50 on average. Shots are done for an hour W-F 4-5 pm, which I can do on Friday or Saturday morning 9-12. Yay! One thing done on my list of many things to accomplish.
Next on the list tonight:
1. Grocery shop for dinner
2. Call AOL and cancel (Yeah I know..I'm horrible)
3. Call gym and cancel
4. Cook myself dinner (An actual real dinner)
5. Clean kitchen (probably do before dinner)
6. Take out garbage I'd neglected to do all weekend
7. At least 2 loads of laundry (My blanket, which someone got sick all over..*must* wash!)

I took my vitamins today - one pill this morning and one this afternoon. I won't be taking any more of those today as only two are required. I also took the metabolift. Just one before each meal today ;) Not nearly as jittery as before, but I can tell my body isn't quite used to it. One pill though seems to be good. Have had one full glass of water and am working on my second one. Must remember to buy water from Slaveway.

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