onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Just once, I'd like to be someone's priority. Is it really too much to ask? I put so much of myself into things...even intimate friendships...and, sometimes, it just seems I get so little back. I don't want to deliver ultimatums, or lose friends....but, on the other hand...well, it hurts to always be put on the back burner because something else has come up. I realize that sometimes, somethings are going to take a priority over a friend and/or partner. It just seems sometimes, that its always that way when it comes to me. I get an apologetic smile and a shrug...."I'm sorry." So am I. I'm sorry it hurts when I'm left behind to sigh and think "here we go again". But...when you want attention, or want the friendship...I'm always there. Most of the time...I just accept it as my nature.....I put myself there, I know it. But...tonight, tonight, I want to cry. It just feels so fucking empty.
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