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Well now...

I've just been blown off. I messaged Spike, to say hi, chit chat for a minute. You know, keep in touch, we're friends kind of deal. I ask him how he is...he says "Great, but I'm talking to my best friend...so, we'll talk later, okay? Thanks..bye" (blinkblink) First, *he* never bothers to message me. Why would he? Its part of making an effort. What bothers me most is that I'm annoyed by this blow off. I mean, I shouldn't be...its not like I'm interested in him anymore anything. Maybe its just that, I enjoy our friendship...and it doesn't seem like he makes an effort at all. It hits home when he does that brush off thing. I know he doesn't mean it, but still. (sighs) I just don't care to be blown off...who does? I shouldn't worry about it though, I have other things going in my life...and if he isn't willing to make an effort, on the whole...I should just totally move on. I'm glad I got my stuff back when I did. I think..if he wants the friendship, he can work to keep it damnit, I'm tired. He can *show* me that he wants the friendship....I'm done. Moving on. I have better things to do, and more enjoyable people to be around.
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