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Blown diet

Grr. So, today, I'm going to blow the diet. Its not a huge deal...I can straighten up tomorrow, and I will. Its just that..between the croissant and mocha for breakfast (Hey, I've been good all week, so there) and the chips with my chicken today..and, the soda. Well, I've blown most of my points..and I haven't had dinner yet, which will have to be picked up on the road most likely. I work the club tonight, and I've discovered that rather than try and scramble for dinner and getting ready - its just easier and less stressful to get it on the go. That means though another 10-15 points on dinner alone - and that's McD's. *sigh* I've been so good all week - even banking points and all. Now....feh.
So, tonight, I blow my diet. Just for the night. Then tomorrow, back on track. It doesn't even feel like a diet because I have so many options. I can essentially eat what I want, as long as I stay in my point range. Yay! Makes life much easier for me. I didn't walk this week like I'd planned - so, next week. I'll pack a bag on Sunday so all I have to do is bring it in. I don't mind using the treadmills..and, really, there's nothing I do at home that can't wait a 1/2 hr longer or so. So..those are the plans. I'm hoping that blowing my points today won't hold me up too much. No, I won't let it lapse and happen all the time, I'm determined. But, everyone has to jump off the wagon on occassion.

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