onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Playin' catch up

Yesterday Jenni had her parents over. I think I blew my diet to pieces..but, that's okay because today I can get back on track. Jenni fixed a delicious steak dinner. We watched White Squall with her parents and sister, but it was late so they had to leave after that. Jenni, Rob and I spent most of the day grocery shopping, and breakfast at Denny's.
The inspection for the apartment was yesterday too, maybe now we'll get some shit fixed around here. I hope so. It was the owner that came by this time and was noting things..it was amusing to see the landlord in subservient mode. *smirks* Yes, I know...claws are showing. I just don't find her professional and don't really care for her. *shrugs* At any rate, all the repairs are listed, so hopefully soon we'll have a fully functional apartment. Wheee.
After dinner, Jenni's dad made us chocolate cake shot. YUM! We had several more after her parents left. Got quite toasty really...had a few shots of that (5 I think) plus two shots of liquer in my coffee while we ate dessert. We had thoabath down for a shot, and he stuck around awhile to tease us. (Or is that the other way around? *evil grin*) and LEAVE MY FROG OUT OF IT!!
Today though has been pretty relaxing..no where to be, no one to see. I do however, have a pile of laundry awaiting my attention which I should probably do. The house is clean, and I'm going to do my best to keep it that way..including my room. It so small though that its messy again....feh. Well, it won't be hard to pick up again. Just...got...to...get...motivated...

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