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Yeah, its morning. I've had...*peers over* almost a full cup of coffee and I'm still..fuzzy. On the bright side, the morning has gone quick,and I made it into work on time. Yay me. I didn't do the things I'd planned on last night..that being a date with my laundry and the dishes in the sink. But, given the start to my day yesterday..well, okay, I'll let it slide. Tonight though, I have to get something done..my kitchen is gonna get nasty if I don't soon. Ick.
So...yeah...I made some confessions last night.Spent my afternoon and most of my evening talking to xmurf. Very delightful conversation..and we seem to think amazingly alike. I'm not sure if I'm thrilled or scared by this ;) At any rate, its not usual that I confess fantasies to someone (grr..how'd you do that?) on a first phone call..hell, really at all. Those are my 'secret'. Its also not very often that I stay on the phone for 3 hours straight..(was it only 3 hours?) Yeah. So. There it is. And this morning...I'm paying the price. I'm not complaining mind you..not in the least, it was worth the late start this morning.

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