onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

There are times...

And people don't understand why I don't tell my family much. Mom asks me what I did for my bday, I tell her simply that I went to dinner with a friend. Instead of leaving it at that...the first question from her mouth (keeping in mind that I have not told her that Tyr and I are no longer together) "New boyfriend?" *blink* Did I mention the gender of said friend? No, I did not. So....what does this say? Exactly what my family tends to think of me. I have no female friends (to their mind I'm probably not capable of having female friends) and that, all my male friends are apparently not just friends. Except Bryan, which grandma questions and mom does not. Bryan though is a 'special' case. The next question mom asks is "Was it Bryan?" *sigh* "No." So I tell her who...no response of yet (gotta love IMs). *shakes head*
One of these days I'm going to live up to the looks and thoughts of my family. The funny part is..between the two 'kids' (me and my cousin) I'm the good one. With as much as I've done, I've at least known *who* I've done it with. I don't drink (much) and I don't do drugs (I've tried a few, but thankfully never got a habit)....I know who my sexual partners are, and how many I've had (I think, but my memory is shit, so if I miss one or two..). I've never nearly killed myself because of drinking all night the night before and crashing my car. Yet....*I'm* the one they look at as if I need to be locked up in some mental ward or something. *I'm* the one with the bad image...and the word "slut" on everyone's tongue. *sigh*
They wonder why I never tell them anything....

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