onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Hm. Well, I suppose I should update my journal now. I don't think I've done so all weekend really...so, let me try and recollect the events.

Friday - Got off work late, of course. Had that one call that seems to go on forever just before quitting time. Feh. Picked up Bryan after work and headed down here to the mall for dinner. We ended up eating at Gratzi's down here. Nice cozy place with delicious food...and a yummy bus boy, if a bit brooding. Dinner conversation was great as usual..had some catching up to do :) After that, we came back to my place, watched tv and vegged. Great start to the weekend :) Oh..and discovered I left my cell phone at work *grumble*

Saturday - Lazed around the house most of the day. Got some sleep actually, which was much needed. Watched some tv while Bryan played on the puter and kept the cats out of trouble. They've been misbehaving all weekend....*growl* I dyed my hair again. Its a nice shade of deep, dark red. Looks very nice I'm told. Bryan stayed here while I went to the Spot. I had an ambassador shift, so I had to go....motivation though was a great effort :P For the most part, I enjoyed myself but ended up a little tired. I had a couple offers to play, but the violet wand went home before I was off :( The other offer was...well...*shudder* Lets just say he's been dubbed "Creepy bald guy" and I'll get to him in a minute. The night went fairly well over all I'd say. Went to breakfast at Minnie's with D. It was nice. Relaxing. Note to self: Bring extra clothes when wearing dress. Jeans are a *good* thing at 2:30 am.
Okay - creepy bald guy. Yeah. Need I really say more? Well, I will. He's visiting here, has been a member previously. Dude starts out by insulting the community in general, then praising the graces of the WS. Uhm. Yeah. Whatever. All I wanted to say was "Go home if you hate it here so much". Then he sat next to me and was playing with my hair, rubbing my back and telling me not to waste my time with others...he'd "build me up the way I know you like it" *blink* Oh? You *know* this? Based on what? A few offhand comments I made? My astrological sign? And, yes, he surmised that I was submissive solely on the fact that I'm a Taurus. Hello?? I am submissive...but it has nothing to do with my astrological sign. I *choose* to be...and if I change my mind, I'll *choose* to be Dominant. Some people. After a bit of rubbing my body, he says that he has me all nice and relaxed (nevermind the fact that I'm obviously tired) and wants to go to the light play area, promising he'll stop when I want him to. I tell him no like 3 times to this..stating that I'm perfectly fine where I'm at, thank you. After this, he turns me to face him then leans in for a kiss. I pulled away...which of course is a clear signal for him to kiss my neck. *blink* I pulled away again, and put my hand on his chest, muttering in an irritable fashion "Ya know..." Finally...he leaves. This is the time that I slip out with D.

Today - Took Bryan home. Had every intention of doing laundry (still haven't). Went to the WS again for the volunteer appreciation. Very fun! Pizza, socializing with other volunteers and the VisQueens for entertainment. Great show! After that was done with, I went grocery shopping. Had to buy some apoholstry (not sure if I spelled that right) cleaner since Paiwacket decided to use my recliner instead of her litter box. *growl* Anyway, now I have it cleaned, I hope. And, its too late to do laundry....so, it'll be done tomorrow. I haven't cleaned the kitchen either because I don't know if the washer is fixed. I hope it is....then I can do that tomorrow too. *sigh*

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