onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

I feel like I live there...

Keys! I have keys! Now I don't feel like a guest in my own home :) Of course, it helps that I have all the big stuff moved too. Thanks Mike & Jamie!!! Much less stress in my life. I find that I actually look forward to going home and doing something as domestic as cooking. (gasp) I was always too tired to do it before. I'm catching up on email and yahoo stuff right now. Lucky me.
I'm at grandma's doing the wonderful fun filled chore of laundry. One load, that's all I want to do, luckily, its in the dryer. I have to collect some things too - my tennis shoes, spices, juice and comforter being a few. Of course the dried clothes. This is going to be *so* much fun to unload at the new home. Not. Anyway, hopefully it won't take long. Went grocery shopping today so we have enough food for a bit. Had breakfast with Bryan, and it was good. Had my eggs cooked right. Finally! Over easy doesn't seem like it should be that difficult ~grumble~
Mom's in the kitchen making yummy Christmas cookies. I've been in twice for cookie dough already :) I love Christmas cookies. Spritz, Crumcaca (not sure if that's spelled right) and sugar cookies. YUMMMYY. I love Christmas :)
I get a kitten! Yay! Roomie told me I could have one - she has one too. We're thinking its a good idea for them to grow together and it'll make it better when we're working :) Pinkribbons has 2 of them she's giving away when they're ready. Yay!! I want the all black one I think. Maybe not. We'll see which one has more personality :)

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