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Well, I joined another email roleplay group last night. Hopefully this one will be busier, I could use a Muse spark. I actually had a really good idea from the last one that got started, but I'm not sure where to take it as a whole yet, so thus far, I've left it off my other journal. Hmn. I know I need to write it down..I've already forgotten some of what I had planned for it. Grrr.
In other news, today has been incredibly quiet on the phones. Its kinda nice really..haven't seen it this dead in forever. The draw back to this being...well, tomorrow is going to be a bitch *sigh* Oh well. I've even managed to get through my email..wooo. That's a rare treat nowadays. Not too many people online yet, but I have a few to drive away the boredom. Okay, one really who's actively online and talking to me :P
Other than that...well, I'm drawing a blank. Cut me some slack...I've only had one mocha :P

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