onyx (onyxangel) wrote,


Short term goals: (things to do in the next week or so & next paycheck)

1. Rent
2. Cats fixed (approx $100 for both)
3. Flea meds (approx $40)
4. Car fixed (approx $75)
5. Cell phone
6. House clean
7. Laundry done & put away (all of it)
8. Call to cancel AOL
9. Call to cancel gym
10. Stick to WW program/points (I've been HORRIBLE at that the last couple weeks)

Longer term goals:

1. Seattle Knights academy
2. Visit CA - Possibly Sept
3. Save for moving
4. Go through belongings - get rid of anything not wanted/needed
5. Fix credit history
6. Find a martial arts class for Kendo or similarily interesting class
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