onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Grrrr. I am bound and determined to find a calendar on this stupid system that will allow me to print with times showing. The works one prints the appointment, but not the time. Grrr. I have a Corel something - but it only prints May so far. I don't want May, damnit, I want June. *huffs*
On a lighter note, went to dinner with xmurf. Thank you :) It was fun. Went down to the Arms something or other. Yeah, yeah...you all know I have a lousy memory. I should have been cleaning house, but it was worth putting it off :)
Someone gave me info on Kendo, and I browsed through the site a bit. I think I'd like to check out a class or something, just to see what it really is. Sounds good in theory, but I don't want to pay out a lot of money and go "I hate this shit...". If I can see it, watch a class...then I have a better idea. It'll help me keep in shape too....excersize and all that :) Better to lose weight with, yay.
Speaking of which, I haven't weighed myself yet this week *sigh* I've stil been horrible about the points. Its not so bad, except that I felt so good when I was losing weight and sticking to it...now I'm just disappointed in myself. I can, and will change that. Life happens sometimes and I know that I shouldn't berate myself too much for it.
I have the time off on Friday that I need to take the cats in. I also have the vacation time for New Year's already. Yay me! Oh..and I got an email from Bryan, I'm going to see Cirque De Soliel!! Wooooo!!!!! Good seats too. I love my birthday gift :)

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