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I had written a big long post in a notepad last night when I got home from the Spot. I'll add it later, mostly because I forgot it at home. I'm at Grandma's again, doing laundry before heading down to pick Tyr up. We're going to Lord of the Rings with Bryan. I'm feeling a bit compressed for time, but at least my last load is in the wash. When I got here, I had the place to myself. Ahhhhh, peace! Not for long though (smirk). Grandma's home, and has insisted on yattering at me. And nagging (sigh)
I had fun working at the Spot last night for the Grind. I got to meet some new people, the event coordinator and a couple others. Saw some people I know there. I was a few minutes late, but it wasn't a big deal. Thankfully. There's 2 guys I like to watch dance...they're all fluid motion. One reminds me of a young Indian brave dancing around the bonfire. He's too pale though ;) Still, the long black hair helps.

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