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Well, I'm back...as if you couldn't tell. Canada was great. I have detailed (well, for me) posts to come. They're all written on a pad of paper.
Last night, I stopped by grandmas...my power source had arrived! Yeah! Tyr even put it in for me, and it works! Yeah! Cable modem..here I come! Oh yes, did you expect me to go home last night? (EG) No, of course not....I came down to Tyr's. I didn't get much of a chance to update (evil angel grin).
So, today I talked to roomie. Tyr will be leaving in Feb, and he's out of this place end of Jan...so, he'll be staying with us a couple weeks, if even that. The landlord called, and told Jenni she needs to discuss me with her. I hope its nothing bad (hope, hope, hope). She hasn't told me anything yet, and I know she was going to call back on her next break. (sigh) I hate this worry.
Ryka and Spex are having that party this weekend. The 'little' space party. It should be fun...and I *did* get color books for Christmas (grin). And! I get to bring the kitten home! (dances) yeah! He's such a cute lil thang (grin). Not sure what I'm going to name him yet, but I'm sure I'll find something.
I know the landlord wants to do a walk through for damages...we need to get the place 'cleaned up' for that. Its mostly just my boxes I think, which can go in the storage on the balcony. The storage unit from Shurgard should be picked up today. I work the Grind at the club tonight...and I'll take Jenni to the orientation. Operation: Corrupt Roomie firmly in progress ;) I think it'll be fun to be able to go with her.

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