onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Thoughts for the morning...

On the way into the work this morning, I was struck by some idle random thoughts. I've been flipping through some personal ads lately, just to see what people present themselves as, and how they view themselves. Hell, maybe even to answer one or two. (which, I have, thankyouverymuch...onyx is working on her shyness. *smirk*)One person had a dislike, that for whatever reason, has snagged my attention and I've been chewing over it for the last couple days. He said that he dislikes two legged sheep. While I get the general gist of what he's saying by that...it does lead to a deeper thought. I mean, how does one really define a 'two legged sheep'? If you think about it, we all 'follow' our own little groups..conform to those around us, at least to some degree. Its human nature to want to belong, to be accepted...and to do that, we conform. Yeah, not all of us conform to the 'mainstream' of society, or the 'norm'..but, that 'mainstream' and 'norm' are getting harder and harder to find nowadays. Or is that just me? Is it just that my view of people has changed? I've grown older, had more experience under my belt....is it now that I view human nature much more clearly? I mean..everyone uses that..the 'norm' or 'typical'..but, really, what *is* that? Is it the same for everyone? I doubt it. My 'typical' is ...people like the goth board, or variations. Do I conform to them? To some degree, yes. Does it make me a sheep? Not in my view...but, perhaps to his? Or others who think like he does?
I watch people all the time, people fascinate me. Not on an individual basis necessarily, but group interactions...or even intimate interactions. Have you ever just watched how people relate? You can see it. A common theme among all of one group. A certain trend in thinking, speaking, dressing, whatever. We all congregate toward people who share like attitudes, thoughts, styles, etc. .... therefore, we conform. Where then, are we 'sheep'? Or is it...being *exactly* like a certain group? And, really, I've never seen a group that's *exactly* the same. Every group has subtle differences. Or some blaringly obvious differences. So..I guess my question ..to myself...to you..to anyone who cares to share a thought, a view....is: What does it take for you to view someone as a sheep? Why? And..if using the 'norm' as comparison...what is the 'norm' for you?

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