onyx (onyxangel) wrote,


Personality type: Slimy, uncommunicative, stupid, indecisive, self-hating, fuckwit.

You think of yourself as a Ladies' Man (or equivalent for your Gender/Preference). However, in reality the best you manage is meaningless sex with depressed people who feel sorry for someone even more pathetic than they are.

You find it impossible to express your true feelings or emotions. Your friends (if you have any) think you are a liar, an unfeeling bitch/bastard or retarded. Probably all three.

You are basically thick. If you think back, you will realise this is true. Most people you meet are smarter than you. This is because you are stupid. Ask a friend to explain this to you if some of the words are too long.

You are unable to do anything without whining about it for hours first. The biggest achievement of your day is probably managing to fill in all the questions in this test.

Deep down you hate yourself and that is why you always fail. Don't worry, you deserve to fail.

Your rating as a human being:

The person/character whom you most resemble is:
Aram Fingal (from the film "Overdrawn at the Memory Bank")

Stupid? That's interesting coming from someone who can't spell realize correctly. :P

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