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My back and hips hurt. I went for a walk around Greenlake yesterday with B. It was a very nice walk, and I by no means regret it..but damn. Now I hurt. I have small blisters on the bottom of my toes (note to self: buy walking shoes) and my hip joints hurt. Its painful to walk. *sigh*
Dinner last night was fun. We sat and talked until about 1 am. I think I blew a lot of WW points last night, but it was worth it. Had Ceasar salad and cornish game hens for dinner. He has an indoor grill thingy that is just wonderful! I want one. Its like a small electric bbq.
Tuesday, I went home, crawled into a hot bath and after a shower. I got some reading done, but still don't have the new book for the club. I think on lunch I'm going to look up some libraries. I'm broke. Like, really, really broke. *sigh* I'm hoping there's a library around here somewhere that has it, or that the Renton one is open late enough and has it.

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