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Great weekend!

I got to see Lizzie!!! Bryan was sweet enough to loan me some money so I could go up to Anacortes to see her. I'm so glad I went. It was her grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary. I finally got to meet more of her family, and her kids.
Saturday, I called her grandparent's house to see if I could reach her. She wasn't there, but her grandfather gave me the info to get there. Party didn't start until about 5 pm. I called at about 11 am, so I had time to putz around the house. I dyed my hair again, and played on the puter. I left here about 1:30 or so to go to the library before hand. I got my card and the book ordered for the club, then stopped by Starbucks for coffee. The drive wasn't bad, only about 2 hrs and traffic was minimal. The place as easy to find, and I even got there early.
I was a little bit nervous as I waited. It was the kind of nervous with butterflies..all excited and stuff. Remember, it's been about 10 years. She almost didn't recognize me by sight..but she knew my voice when I spoke her name. We talked quite a bit through the anniversary celebration. I got to see her brother and sister....jeeze..when did they grow up on me?? LOL. Both are legal now....her brother just turned 21 and her sister is 23 I think she said. One of her cousins actually remembered me. Its a great family, they did make me feel welcome. Her parents remembered me too, I even have their information and an invite to come visit :) I got along with her husband okay too, he's grown up a bit since last I saw him :) I used to hate him.
After the anniversary, we went over to her uncle's house where the family jammed. Well, those with musical inclinations did at any rate ;) It was fun. I passed out on the couch, even though I was supposed to stay in the tent with Jasmine. The party was very enjoyable, and I didn't drink anything at all. I think I passed out about 4:30 am.
This morning, her uncle made breakfast. Pancakes, with Jimmy Beam syrup. It was actually quite tasty. Then in the afternoon, there was a bbq at her grandparent's/parent's house. Its a house with an apartment upstairs, really nice.
I managed to get a driver's sunburn on my drive up there. Heh. I'm home now and just sorting through mail and stuff. It was soooo good to see her again.

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