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Well, Jenni called the landlady on her break. No answer. Grrr. Now, I have time to go through every possible *bad* scenario. And I always do this to myself..get myself all worked up, over what's probably nothing. I don't know why I do this to myself...a trait inherited from grandma no doubt. I can blame it on her, she's not here to say otherwise :P Now I'm worried. But Jenni said that she turned in the app 3 wks ago. Wouldn't it have made more sense to deny me then? As opposed to now? So, why then, is there this 'discussion' that needs to happen? GAH. Breeding ground for insecurity and anxiety is what it is. (sigh). I hope she gets in touch tonight...I mean, if nothing else, so I *know*. So I can stop feeling this general anxiety and get on with..well, whatever I need to. I'm sure its not bad...I mean, a room mate helps Jenni pay her bills and such..so, why would they deny? But, I know that my credit really sucks. (sigh) I hate this...grrr. I've already got myself worked up. But, I don't know how to stop myself.
Alright, enough...on to other things. I'm talking to someone new on IRC. He's moving to the area in the Spring. He sounds pretty interesting. We like many of the same things..and he's even willing to teach me archery. I like that. I'd love to learn. Tyr has no problem with this guy and I spending some time together and sharing interests. It'll be nice to have someone new to spend time with, since both Tyr and Bryan will be leaving the state. (sigh). I, of course, have Ryka and Spex, and bonzo boy and roomie...as well as assorted other folks. But, still. Never hurts to add another to the list (grin).
Gauntlet gave me a site too..it looks pretty neat. Actually, two of them. One I have to forward to Bryan, its for the ADF. I guess there's a new grove starting in the area. I was thinking that may be good to join. I'll probably give it to Tyr too. He may like that..and I understand they have a Norse branch. The other site is for Seattle Knights. I would love to go the acedemy they offer for live steel fighting, but its $300. (sigh) Guess I just have to work on saving money for that. Still, I think it would be worth it. I would *love* to learn. They do shows too, so the skills wouldn't go to waste, at least in theory.

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