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Anyone know any place in Seattle area that will do a flea dip for cats? We tried Petsmart, but they need to have rabies shots, and they're indoor cats. *sigh* Help?? Please??


Jun. 26th, 2002 06:23 pm (UTC)
Im not in Seattle, but Florida...and the fleas are really bad here right now. Instead of spending money dipping the kitty, have you thought about getting some Frontline or Advantage. YEah, its prolly a bit more expensive at first (here it runs about 25.00 for 4 months worth) but its good for he whole month, and with advantage, it actually helps repel/kill fleas inside also...its spread thru the oils on kitty, and coats the hair...when the hair sheds, it falls on the floors, and gets the lil buggers in the carpets and rugs too...double whammy! :)

I swear by the stuff on my guys...just think, Florida, 2 indoor and one partally outdor kitty and 3 dogs...not a single flea in sight!

Just a thought...

O! And dont get the store bought stuff...Zodiac or hartz biospot...we have had quite a few kits come in with seizures and a couple of fatalities due to those ones...they are actually pesticides (frontline and advantage are FDA approved drugs) and work only for a week or two, despite the labelling of monthly application...Dont get those!!
Jun. 26th, 2002 06:39 pm (UTC)
Okay, I do plan on getting those. Problem is, those are a long term solution and take time to show effects. In the meantime, kitties are being eaten, and so are the human residents. Its not that I expect flea dipping to be the end all of it, but it *is* a more immediate solution. I didn't expect such a simple question would have me offering several explinations.

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