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I should be in bed...

But, here I am, on the computer, once again. Bah, such an exciting life ;)
Went to the Grind tonight..made it just in time to start my shift. Must work on getting there earlier. The night was pretty routine actually, nothing terribly exciting. And only one 'noteworthy' thing really, small thing, but it made me feel good. I was told I was cute. :) It was nice, and the guy who said it..not bad looking either ;)
I got to kiss the Irish man. Okay, nothing terribly exciting, just a friendly peck on the lips. I'm rather fascinated by him, actually. I enjoy being around him because he's fun, and I enjoy the attention he gives. And, honestly, he could tell me anything he wants...because all I want to listen to is the sound of his voice and that accent. Mmmmn.
So, now I'm home, and....awake. *sigh*
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