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Well, it turns out, I worried for nothing. The landlord called today...I sign the lease on Monday! Yay!! I'm *so* relieved. We will also do a walk through at that time, Jenni and I are planning on making a list before that time.
I am proud of myself..I spent the day cleaning. I actually made a dent in the living room. It still needs picking up, but I got most of the boxes out. Most of the dishes are washed even. Be proud.
It was strange, going through the boxes. Seeing things of my life, parts of my life, that have been boxed up and hidden for 3 years. I found some of my writing. Stuff I did in high school for creative writing. Not much of it is left, but there's a few things I may post. At any rate, I'd like to keep that binder. I'm glad I found it. I also found pictures of Derek and I in Mexico. Derek is the last person I had a relationship with, for those wondering. I packed some of it back up again and put it in the storage on the balcony. I also managed to find 2 boxes worth of shit to get rid of. The rest are now empty and waiting to be taken out to the recycling bin. The place is beginning to look more and more like home.
I forgot to bring the posts I had written in Canada again. They're still out in the car I believe. Ah, well. Another time, I'll torture you all.
Jenni and I managed to go shopping today. At Costco. Ugh. Spent more than I should have..but can't really complain, as it was mostly stuff we needed. Okay, we had a few impulse buys, like the suckers and the markers..but, still. We won't need to do major grocery shopping for a while, and that's a relief. It'll be nice to have food...Jenni said that the milk plopped into her coffee. A good sign, I think, that shopping *must* be done. Finding Costco was an adventure in itself. Neither of us had been there..but now we know everything in a 2 mile radius. (smirk) Going in a circle is not a fun activity.
During this time, I managed to worry Tyr. He called, a little upset, that I had worried him. I didn't mean to...I just didn't think about calling before going shopping. I'm glad he worries about me :) I'm just not used to checking in with someone...or with someone really keeping tabs on me. This is exception to family of course, but that's another story all together, and not all the same feeling.
Sandybear still has my key, and he's gone until Sunday I think. (grumble) Damn. I'm stuck calling Jenni to make sure she's home before I go home. I hate that. I should have planned better..but, well, this is me. (sigh).
The party at Spex and ryka's may be cancelled. Apparently there's been some drama. (sigh) Eh, well, I'm sure Tyr and I can find something else to do if need be. Of course, by tomorrow things may be different yet again. I'll try to catch them online...hopefully things are okay enough for me to go get kitty. I want to bring him home :)

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