onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

*sigh* Okay, well, so finances suck BIG time. Grrr. Why can't I get my shit together when it comes to money? Its so frustrating! I have no money, literally. I can't even buy gas, or chips from the vending machine type no money. How do I let myself fall into this?? I'm screwed. My life lesson: Finances. It has to be, I keep getting stuck on it. Money sucks.
Oh yes, and other assorted issues. My mail account is down. *grumble* Free access, and they upgrade it. I appreciate the thought, but leave the fucking accnt alone please. Now they've gone and screwed it all up, no mail, its bouncing. Probably hard bouncing too, which means all my yahoo groups are fuckered and I'm going to have to go through and fix those. Not a huge thing really, but a big pain the ass. Supposed to be up this afternoon, but who the hell knows? I couldn't get into it a bit ago, I'll try again soon. This is the reason I left the last service, damnit.
Oh, yeah, for some unknown reason, my stomach is rebelling again today. It just hurts. I'm not sick, I'm not queasy, I haven't eaten too much or too little...it just, hurts. Sometimes the pain is sharp enough to make me suck in my breath. I spent a few minutes this morning nearly doubled over and holding my breath praying for it to go away. *sigh* Better this afternoon....but, by the time I can get to a doctor, it'll be gone and they'll tell me there's no way to tell. Been through this before.
On a brighter note, I had an idea for a community. I don't know if anyone would like it or whatever...but, a running roleplay on a lj community? Whatcha think? Create a character, free form story type rp? I can come up with some fantasy setting (lets face it, that's more fun)...or something.

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