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Mmmmhmmmmm...naturally, it updated that last entry 3 times. Thank God for delete. Hopefully I haven't deleted them all.
I'm at a new desk today - mine won't pull up icons. This isn't so bad, except I can't get anything. No aim, no pal. I have webmail up and some webpages, but that's it. It kinda sucks - no way to get a helper.
Today was my first day of waking up and coming to work from the new place. I must say, I liked it. I was all alone this morning and could putter around the apartment on my own. I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast and read my book. What would make this perfect is tv. I could have turned a movie on, but I didn't want to do that. Too involved, but some morning cartoons would be really nice! :) It was peaceful - didn't even see the kitten. I left on time, had plenty of time to wake up and get moving and amazingly didn't feel as draggy as I did before. I hope it will be like this for a long time :) It was so nice having the place to myself this morning.
Last night I was home late - roomie got a call from someone she's 'playing' with over the phone. haha. He asked for me to leave the room - brat. Its alright though - read and had my music up. She apologized and said it won't happen too often. Hopefully we'll get a land line soon so she can go to her room :P
I think I'm going to enjoy this, its less stressful than grandma's. Bryan is planning on making cookies next weekend, and roomie said that she might not be there. So, may have the place to myself. woohoo! Hopefully I'll have my stuff out of storage next weekend too, it would be nice to have furniture.

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