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Quick update

I did...nothing..over the weekend as has been my habit lately. I had every intention of going to the Spot and seeing who was around. Instead, I got on the computer and stayed there all night. *sigh* Must find a life away from the keyboard..I know its out there.
So, today, I'm making an effort to get back onto the weight watchers. I know that I've said this before and failed, but hopefully this time, I'll do it. The first week was easy, the second not so easy..then it went downhill. I just have to take a deep breath and start over, not worry about past disgressions and plod ahead. So, tonight, I'll figure out a meal with chicken and try to plan for the rest of the week. I think if I plan meals (dinners at least) I should be more or less okay. I hope.


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Jul. 8th, 2002 11:58 am (UTC)
There's a prep-packaged chicken brand called 'Chicken By George' you can get in your meat section - 1 breast is 3 points. You can grill 'em, nuke 'em, however you like, and they're really good. They come in barbeque, teriyaki, roast, blue cheese, etc. They may work for you. :)
Jul. 8th, 2002 12:01 pm (UTC)
I hear one of the best ways to lose weight is to write down EVERYTHING you eat n drink during a day--even if its junk food. After a while there will just come a natural tendecy to eat only those things you would want to see written down.

I guess I can't share my Butterfinger stash with you anymore huh?

But you R *SWEET* Enuff! :D
Jul. 8th, 2002 01:15 pm (UTC)
I was told by a woman who managed to lose a LOT of weight. When you go off the diet, or rather should be calling it a meal choice. anyway, when you go off what you want to be doing you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. you look at what you DID do good and congratulate youself on it. and the days that you do really good you circle and look at those days when one goes bad. and think that it's not all a loss when you do flub up. you just get right back up there. and you take it one day at a time. you celebrate the good and not beat yourself up over the bad. tho we tend to do that often, especially women she said. since then the days that I go walking I circle, the days that I do decently, I circle too. and on the bad days I say huh, well for this day and this day and these days in a row I was good. I did something great. I've lost 5 hard worked for pounds since my meds make me gain and not lose..
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