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Yes, I know. I need to update, I've been slackin' lately. Not much of interest has been happening to me lately though, most of my energy has gone to work, which has been leaving me more or less mentally numb. Finances still suck, but hopefully getting a little better. Now, onto the updating before Rob and Helena get here and I get whisked off to a video game.

Random thoughts: Last week I think it was, I had an offer to help start a Gorean house. I am considering this, but I'm not entirely sure how well I'll do with converting my views of Gor to real life. And, yes, I do mean starting a real life house. I looked over a webpage that was given to me, and found the idea rahter intriguing though I'm still entirely unsure I'd make a good kajira (Gorean slave). The Master who is wanting to to do this said he wants me to be a part of it because he feels I'm a strong woman and would do the house some good...and its my choice to enter as Free or kajira. I'm undecided about the whole issue. Its a wonderful opportunity, and one I doubt will come up often...but, I don't know the Master well, and I don't know that I'm particularly interested in living Gor. For now, I'm letting it ride. Through this though, it has been brought to my attention that some don't consider me 'tame'. While this does make me smile and puff up my chest in pride....I have to wonder...if I'm not really all that tame (and from my view, I really am)...then what is their definition of tame? Of course, it goes back to the idea that the person you see in the mirror isn't necessarily the person others see. How odd that its the opinion of a few that no Master could 'tame' me enough to be a Gorean slave. Heh.

Thursday - Went to the Grind. I had a shift to shadow as DM - it was kind of fun, but I think I'd rather work cashier. Its nice to be able to fill in if needed though. Saw some people I haven't seen in awhile. One of which bought me a very nice breakfast at Minnie's afterward I might add. I was honored to have met two women that intrigued me that night. This doesn't often happen, as I generally don't really like women. Breakfast at Minnie's was fun, and I got a hug from one of the intriguing women :) Nice. I also got to talk a bit about getting a new tatt. I think I've found someone to do it....but I gotta figure out the charge. On my list of things to do this week - email said artist and ask. :)

Friday - I really didn't do much. Considered going to the Merc if guested in, but had no money. After Helena said she'd pay, my connection to the possibility had already signed off. Damn the luck. S'alright though, probably better I didn't go. Later, I ended up playing Gauntlet with my room mates..until almost 6 am. I haven't done that in *forever*. I like this video game, unusual.

Saturday - Had to pick up Bryan, after not enough sleep. Naturally, I was late doing so. Fortunately for me, Bryan is used to this. We went to Olive Garden for lunch. Very nummy. After lunch we hit Barnes and Noble, where I spent more money than I really should have. I ended up getting 3 books, 2 of which are starts to new series, the last of which is the 2nd book of a series I've been waiting on. I also found a new comic book series that I think I'll start collecting. Its called Sojourn, and I adore the artwork in it, enough that I've even started *gasp* reading it. I don't read comics, and I'm not a particularly avid collecter either. For the most part, I collect comics because I like the art. The last thing I got was a 2003 calander of Michael Wheelan's art. Why? Because I love his art, and because he does lots of dragons. Some good ideas :) This meant though, that we got back late. Mike and Jamie were supposed to be here around 4 pm - luckily they were late too. We talked for a bit, then went to Gratzie's for dinner. I had a wonderful time, and hope to see them soon. Jamie's bridal shower is at the end of the month...just gotta figure out what to get her. After they left, I took Bryan home and went to the club. Slow. Boring. Good thing I get in free. *sigh* I stuck around for a bit, talked to some people (okay, *that* wasn't boring), then left. I did see D there, and it seems his interests have shifted a bit. That's alright though...part of me is still figuring out where my interests are in some respects. Besides, its not like I've deligently kept up with him, or anyone really.

Today - should have gotten laundry done..but, as usual, I've managed to put it off. I hate laundry. In fact, I've managed to put everything off today and just be a bum. Gotta do better at that. We're supposed to do some table top rp for Star Wars, but it doesn't look like its gonna happen tonight. Which is okay, since I don't really have a character yet.

Oh! And....the Doctor himself (Dr. Intensity, that would be) left me a note on yahoo that he hasn't forgotten about me :) Yay!

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