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Took a bath today. A steaming, hot bath. And just soaked. Mmmnnn. Heaven. Tyr was kind enough to add some aloe vera bubble bath for me. It smells pretty good, and was beneficial in relaxing. I managed to read a chapter and a half of Lord of the Rings while soaking. My back and shoulders are hurting, so I was hoping the bath would help. Eventually I just laid down in the bath. I felt better after. Tyr gave me a back rub too..I'm still a bit stiff, but feel much better. There's no longer any pain, just a small ache and stiffness in the muscles. I hate having back problems...and I know what did it too. It was moving the heavy boxes and pushing the heavy cart at Costco. My problem is, my back doesn't hurt until *after* I do these things...and it doesn't always hurt. (sigh). But, I feel much better.
So, tonight is the party. It almost didn't happen, apparently Spex and oblivia (his slave) were fighting, and ryka (Spex's wife/slave) was somewhere in the middle. I got this second hand though, so I'm not entirely sure what happened. This afternoon, everything seems fine. (shrug) We're going to pick up oblivia here soon...waiting on Tyr to get out of the shower and me to get my shit together. Means I have to get it out of the dryer.
I talked to Lizard last night...he's been hiding (smirk). Working a lot I guess..can't remember really the last I'd talked to him, but its been awhile. He got caught up on the journal. And I filled him in via AIM and was filled in, of course. I hope he does better at keeping in touch (hint, hint). In all fairness, I can do better too...I had intended on emailing him several times, but failed to do so. I'll try to do better :)
I'm starved...I'm hoping the little coffee stand down the way is open..coffee and a cookie or something sounds real good now. I know I won't make it up to Everett without eating something. I can't wait for pizza either...I'll be a wreck by that point, all shakey and stuff. I try to avoid that whenever possible. But, its my fault, I haven't eaten...but I wasn't hungry until recently. Now, I'm starved. Erph.


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Jan. 5th, 2002 05:01 pm (UTC)
Hey, I finally got around to adding you on my friends list ^_^ Sorry it took that long
Jan. 7th, 2002 02:11 pm (UTC)
LOL...no problem (G)
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