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Heh..it just figures...

Okay, so I'm back at work..after 2 weeks. And, naturally, the queue is high. 50 some right now. (sigh). No easy return for me. Nope. That other job is looking better and better. Oh, yeah..I'm considering a job with the County. I haven't filled out the app yet, but its looking more and more appealing. I'll sit down and do a pro/con list here soon...but, going over it in my head, there seem to be more pros. The big pro being, more money. It starts at $14.
I left the kitten crying this morning :( Poor baby. He cried all night last night..but, he did sleep with me. Piewacket isn't sure what to make of him yet, but she keeps hissing at him. I put food and water in the bedroom for him today, just in case. He wouldn't come out this morning because she was standing by the door. We were thinking he looks like a little teddy bear. Kuma is a good name :) It means 'bear'. He's not acting very much like a bear at the moment though...so, I dunno. Maybe when he gets adjusted I'll name him. Right now, he's just scared and confused. But, at least he's seeing my room as a safety for him.
More later...like on lunch. Erph.

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