onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Hmn. Well, here I am at work, entirely divulged in a thread on a message board. A thread that I had thought to stay away from, but, being me, I couldn't. Its a thread on words that indicate racism. I see some good points...and agree that what something means to me, may not mean to another. I agree that words only have the power that we give them..but I've said it before. Make no mistake that words *do* have power. If they didn't, then we would not be so quick to get a reaction from them. Regardless of the reaction.
I did ask though, how one could use a word that is a racist word in a non-racist way? I'm confused on that one. I will mull that one over and see what I come up with, but I just don't see it. Maybe its because I have had to defend myself against racist terms before. It doesn't bother me so much now, to be called those things..."haole" means little more than 'white-person' to me now that I'm on the mainland again. But...when I was growing up, and the only white girl in school...it was often used as an insult, and slung at me on the play ground. It doesn't bother me now because I don't *let* it...but does that really make it any less of a racist word? No. Not really.
These, however, are just my thoughts. More often than not, these are things I keep to myself. Why? Because...in my 'old' age, I have become afraid to contradict because it might lead to confrontation. Confrontation is nasty, and a frightful thing. It makes my stomach turn and my palms sweaty. It means that I may 'lose'...and that, just couldn't be done. I'm learning folks...just give me a bit of time. Soon, I'll rock the boat with the best of the them, and have the nerve to back what I say and..if you can't take it...get off my damn boat.

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