onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

I spent time with Man-named-after-a-Wolf (herein known as Wolf-man...cuz that's way too long to type, however, that may change with permissions to use the wolfie name). Spent much longer at his place of work than I had originally intended, and went home with him this morning. I like spending time with him...he makes me feel beautiful.
I invited him to spend time with me Sunday, so we'll see. As for tonight, I think I'm going to go to the club. Its 8:30, I've had a shower and really only need to fix my hair. Oh....but, I could stay home and watch the anime he lent me :) Jenni and Rob are gone, so I have the house to myself for awhile. Not sure how long though since I have no idea where they went.
I found a new group I like. Band name is Coldplay. I've heard a song or two on the radio, downloading them, they sound familiar. I've downloaded a lot more of their stuff through the digital music program I have...and, I like it. Very good.

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