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There are times when I just don't understand my family. This weekend was family camping. Grandma mentioned on Tuesday that it was somewhere in Mossy Rock but couldn't remember where exactly. Well, okay, but...I don't even know where the hell Mossy Rock *is*. I didn't go - I had other plans, which ended up fucked up anyway. *mutter*
Anyway, mom says today that camping was great. I should have been there. I tell her that I knew when but not where. She claims she reminded me earlier in the week. Why, yes....she reminded me that it was over the weekend. But....when and *where* are different. So, I agreed and said yes that she did remind me that it was over the weekend, and I couldn't go because I had other plans - but even if I didn't, I didn't know where to go and no one told me. Her response "Well, I told you that mom (grandma) and I had the hotel this year and that if you still had that air mattress you could stay with us". *blink* Great,....so, am I just supposed to guess where this hotel might be? I don't know if she's looked lately, but Washington is a large state. *NOW* she tells me it was in Morton WA...about 2 hrs from Seattle. *bangs head* There...are...days....


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Jul. 30th, 2002 08:05 am (UTC)
Isn't family so much fun? I keep repeating, 'I love my family. I LOVE my family.' It helps to smile when you say it.
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