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I've often said that Irony can be a cruel Mistress. Take this morning for example:

I'm working on maybe 2 hours of sleep, and woke up late. Today is payday, since I got to work with time to stop for coffee, I thought I would. Stopped at SBC, as opposed to my normal stop at Starbucks, thinking it would be faster as less people visit SBC. No power. *blinkblink* Only hot coffee is drip coffee. *URGH* I figure I can get this at work, so I come into work.
Pulling into the garage, I notice...no lights. Hmn. Strange. Yep, no power in the building either. My first thought "Fuck, no coffee". I was right..sort of. Discovered that coffee was still hot about 30 minutes after my arrival. Also discovered that Starbucks, across the street, still has power and is able to make me a mocha. *growlgrumblemutter* Denied. Murphy strikes again.
Well, this afternoon, I've had a cup of coffee. I'm tired, but okay, I think I'll survive the day ;) This morning was interesting with the power off for literally half the day. Now the queue is full, as usual. The day has, unsurprisingly, gone by fast. Tonight, I have a choice of Goth coffee or the Spot. Undecided as to which I'll do, if either. I'm thinking if I do Goth coffee, I may want to run home and get my tarot cards first....but, then, once I get home...I'll probably end up just being home. Maybe I'll go to the Spot instead, and hit coffee next week. Decisions, decisions.

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