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So, tonight I settled on Goth coffee. I had almost decided against it, against both options really and just coming home. I was tired enough. I'm glad I didn't though. I actually enjoyed myself. It's not that I expected different really, but that here I was, once again facing a large crowd of people I didn't know. Yes, alright, I knew one or two....but still. I actually got to see a couple people I knew quite unexpectedly, and that was a rather nice surprise.
Having decided to head down and just take a chance, I had stopped by Rite Aid first in search of something to keep myself occupied, just in case. I got a couple crossword books and set upon my meager journey. Turns out that I didn't really need them, as the Muse decided that it was a perfect time to visit. And me without paper, naturally. Mistress Irony apparently wasn't done with me ;) I did, however, manage to find a few pamphlets that had blank side upon which to scribble my thoughts. I'll post them here, and maybe to my writing journal when I'm done with this. That'll teach me not to have a notebook with me.
I got to meet a few new people too, one I've seen down there before, but don't think he's part of the Goth crowd. I know he plays chess, and he happened to read some of my writing I think. I'd left it on the table when I went to use the restroom. He asked me about it, and now has my writing site. *deep breath* A total stranger..and I actually *gave* it to him. Improvement on coming out of my shell I should say. Huge step.
I think I saw Stax down there, but I'm not sure it was her. I didn't get a chance to say hello...I meant to, but I got distracted. Not hard to do with no sleep and little caffiene. In fact, as I recall, that was most likely what distracted me. Coooffffeeeee. I was approached by a nice young man who's name begins with J. I'm sorry, but I didn't catch all of it...the music was up, and he caught me in the midst of writing. I wasn't prepared and missed some of what he said. He was wearing a frisbee ring (those orange ones, not sure what the 'official' name for them are) as a hat and had a wonderful smile. I think I chased him off with my severe lack of social skills tonight. *sigh* Must apologize. I'm not good with small talk in this kind of situation. However, he's welcome to help me practice! ;) So, if by some chance he gets directed here.....now ya know.
Right now I'm home...and my mind is fuzzy. I'm tired and have caffiene coursing through my veins...not always the best of combinations. I'll be going to bed shortly, but I wanted to take a peek around on the board and update my journal before I forgot everything..which I'm sure there's some I've forgotten.
Oh! Yes...there is. It was nice to see TMIB again, and get hugs :) I always enjoy talking to him. It was also great to see and get hugs from XavierCross. Well, and pokes *smirks* And his new room mate. Though, oddly, he seems familiar to me and I can't place why. Look forward to spending time with both. I was even invited to play a game of chess by the room mate, but ...alas...I suck at checkers which is infinately less complicated than that chess game. Mental note to self - next time bring cards and see if I can seduce him into a card game *grin*

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