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People thronged within the small building, spilling out into the street beyond. The music blared, and voices crecendoed in an attempt to mask the beat. Black reigned supreme as people milled about, tossing greetings and smiles to one another. So many colors of personalities layered beneath the black clothing. The air is rich with the aroma of fresh brewed coffee.
I sit and observe the crowd. In the middle, yet apart. I smile at the warmth that radiates around me, unable to help myself. I bathe myself in the beauty that surrounds me. The sun escapes beyond the horizon, immersing the city in shades of neon. The music changes, becoming more sultry as candles are set about and the lights are dimmed.
The energy is so strong it pulses through me, soothing me. For once, I don't feel so removed. A perfect stranger in an amusing makeshift hat boldly introduces himself and shares a smile. In turn, I smile and try to talk. Nervousness makes me awkward, and I fear in those few words, I've managed to turn his attention elsewhere. In his few moments of talking, he looks to my writing, but I am greedy and not yet ready to share. Perhaps I will, sometime. Maybe when I know why I've written.
But, for now, the Muse calls, and I must answer in the way that I can. I'll keep this bold stranger in mind and attempt to make up for my lack of social skills sometime. Right now, I'll allow myself to feel accomplished. I came out of my shell long enough to join this crowd. Join them, as an observer, on the outskirts...for now. There are a few here that I know, and chat with...many more that I'd like to meet and get to know. One day, I'll have the nerve.
The energy I feel is a good energy, warm and welcoming. It seems to say that I don't have to float among them as a phantom shadow. It thrives and reminds me that I am flesh, visible to all.


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Aug. 1st, 2002 02:34 am (UTC)
This is great ... I wish I could write like that ... *sigh* I've always loved writing, but nowadays I don't have the energy or imagination to put into it ...

Keep it up though =)
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