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Its strange to think how much of myself I really do put here. People I've never met "know" me. *smiles* Just...a particular conversation brought that into an alarming light. I won't change it though, the purpose of this journal after all, is discovering me. And, to push my limits on what is known about me. I used to be a *lot* more private....and I think its done me some good to put myself in public view..to expose myself, to some small degree.
On this note...I'll put even more of myself here, however mundane these particular thoughts may be. What can I say? I do, at times, live a boring life ;)
I was late to work today, lack of sleep tends to make one not *hear* the alarm blaring in one's ear. So, this generated some thought about a shift change. I think 10:30 to 7:30 pm might be a good shift. I hate mornings...despise them with a passion, always have. I'm cranky in the mornings, and coffee, despite the myth, does *not* help. I'm slow in the mornings, unable to think clearly, nor do I have the desire to do so. So, later in the morning is better. I didn't do it before because I kept thinking of silly things like "But, I don't want to get home that late", "I don't want to eat dinner that late really, cooking time and all that", "It'll cut into my social time..". Blah. First, I've discovered I don't really do anything before that time anyway, so that's not a reason. The only thing it would affect is me seeing Bryan during the week, and I don't very often anymore. I could still volunteer at the club, so that wouldn't be affected either. As far as eating, well, if I eat much...its usually after 8 pm anyway. I'll think on it more...


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Aug. 1st, 2002 02:58 pm (UTC)
This is why i dont write much anymore, a whiel ago i would write everything, but then i just reinternalized to reevaluate my life etc :) but -applauds- i like ppl who use their journal as a journal
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