onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Last night I had the apartment to myself. I asked Fenris to come over, but he declined. Bah. That's okay, I had a nice time on my own. I got into chat rooms I haven't seen for awhile. A night apart won't hurt either of us ;)
I did talk to him a bit on aim before bed, which was nice. I like that. I even went to bed when he told me. *kerblink* Yes, yes that was a submissive act. I know, I'm slipping ;) Hmn.
I slept okay, camped out on the couch and watched Harry Potter until I could force sleep. Even at 2:30 when I was told it was bedtime, I wasn't tired, and layed awake for a bit. This morning, getting up for work was a bitch though, as usual. I got up earlier than usual, but not by much. It was kinda nice just sitting for a few minutes before I had to leave...now, if only I could make myself do that more often...

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